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Road Trip Therapy

  The power of the road has been documented in famous novels of the 50's beatnik era 
  There is evidence that travelling is therapeutic  
 Travelling outwards offers an opportunity to travel inwards. Engaging with Nature  
  has healing and transformative qualities  
  In combination with therapy, this is a once in a life time experience to work creatively with change  
  For a premium, each bespoke trip will include travel (in some circumstances flights), food, accommodation and outdoor activities of your choice e.g. horse therapy, bouldering and sky diving. The duration of a trip can be anywhere from a weekend to 5 days  
  Each Road Trip lasting 5 days will fund 1 disadvantaged client 10 sessions of free counselling as part of my social enterprise in giving back to society  
  A deposit for each trip is to be paid in advance and requires one month's notice. Week long trips are dependent on the time of year  
  Please reach out for more information  
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